Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Horoscope yesterday stated the following:

Boundary issues need your attention as you get involved in circumstances that don't really belong to you. But you are attracted to the opportunities presented and can momentarily forget about what you've previously learned. This makes it easier for you to let down your guard. Vulnerability is not necessarily a bad thing, but now it is more confusing than anything else.

Again not to sound like a work-a-holic but the horoscope seems that it would be closest to what happened yesterday in the office. I believe I voluneteered to help out some of the other sections in my group on different projects. Sure these things don't really involve me but I believe any win for the team is a win we all can enjoy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I guess I ran my mouth during a conference call but again not sure that I spilled any beans.

So here was my Horoscope for yesterday:

You may have some explaining to do today, but the more you talk the less convincing you sound. Even if you prefer not to say anything at all, you probably will get enticed -- maybe even tricked -- into spilling the beans. But your words don't quite paint the picture that you see, so continue reminding yourself to keep quiet for now.

Maybe it was less to do with a conference call and more to do with an email change that I've been sucked into in helping plan my wife's baby shower. It seemed like every mail that I responded to, I spawned two more for more information. I wish I could just spill the beans and get the party planned without anymore emails.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I admit I'm unusual but. . .

Okay so here was my Horoscope for August 20th:

Try not to upset others with your unusual behavior today, for it won't get you what you want. You cannot get away with being too eccentric now, so you are better off adapting to the current situation. But don't hold back more than necessary or you will lose your edge of brilliance.

So the behavior that upset the folks the most yesterday was my choice of breakfast spots and I'm not kidding. This weekend my parents came down to help my wife and I get the beginnings of our nursery together. On Sunay when they were to head back home we usually go out to breakfast at one particular diner.

Well, I'm tired of that diner. I wanted to eat a different spot that we've all been too before and the food is normally good but the service can suck pretty bad. So when we got to the spot it was like pile on the picker of the restaurant for this odd choice. The good thing was that this time both the food and the service were both good and I was redeemed with my odd choice.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Too many freaking meetings. That's pretty much what summed about my Horoscope from yesterday.

The Moon in airy Gemini works well with your intellectual Aquarian ideals. Your need for community is emphasized now and you want to be a part of the social buzz. However, it's difficult to tell how much energy should be kept in reserve while you're reaching out to others. You certainly don't want to run out of steam before you get to your destination. Monitor your commitments and try not to get distracted by unnecessary engagements.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's true my relationship phase has been strong.

My Horoscope for August 15 was the following:

This has been a relationship-oriented phase for you and you cannot separate who you are from how you engage with others. As much as you try to avoid being overly sensitive, too much emotion now can actually push you over some kind of threshold. Once you leave the logical realms behind you, you will have an opportunity to become more connected with the symbols that continue to weave meaning through your life.

I've found that this Horoscope is true with my day yesterday. My wife and I have been getting closer and closer as the birth of our first son gets closer and closer. I think we're both getting a little freaked out that in only 11 weeks we'll have a little one to take care of. It's tough not having our emotions send us over the edge. We're both trying hard to work on plans to make sure our home is ready for the little guy.

The only training we've had so far has been taking care of our cat. Which, heck pretty much takes care of itself. Maybe a hairball is lick spit up but I don't think I can get the kid box trained.
I've been a bad boy with my posting on this blog. I know it should be more daily then it has been but like I said in the title it's an attempt at daily blogging. My excuse for nothing on the last 4 days has been I've been in a cabin in the woods with 0 access to the internet. It was pure bliss.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I was oozing what?

My Horoscope for yesterday August 8 proclaimed the following:

Others might see confidence oozing out from all over you, but you may not feel quite as sure of yourself as they believe. Some of your hesitancy could be left over from a recent run-in with an authority figure. Don't let the past stand in the way of your current potential.

So once I read this I start checking my pits to see if the oozing of confidence is causing any BO. Luckily one doesn't have anything to do with the other. Then I was off to start the day.

This day I had to travel to NYC for work. No one in the airport seemed to notice my oozing and I was quickly shuttled through security and onto the plane. The cabbie did cause my pits to ooze due to the fact that NYC cabbies drive like f'ing maniacs. And this one had politicial views about anything and everything from the death tax, war in Lebanon and why his girlfriend is such a gold digger (hint to cabbie: your girlfriend isn't a gold digger, they date limo drivers).

Finally at work I had several meetings where I was confident but not sure if any oozing was coming out. However, one room was like a sauna and I was getting some glances my way that could've signified some type of oozing.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My Horoscope for Sunday:

Being of service to others is wonderful, but selfless work does have its limitations. It may be time to pull back from working so hard and such long hours. This doesn't mean that you're on vacation. It just means that you need to find some balance now or reality will step in, change circumstances and force you to pay attention to your own needs, too. Taking care of yourself enables you to help others.

Again, not so sure how this fit in with my day yesterday. So let me start to ramble on about my Sunday and see if I can find some link to what my Horoscope said.

Woke up, headed off to the local coffee shop with the wife, got my large dark roast. Then off to the bagel shop, 1/2 dozen bagels (2 Sesame, 2 Everything, 1 Marble, 1 Honey Wheat), container for Veggie Lite cream cheese. Zoomed over to the local farmers market, snagged tomatoes, blackberries, and peaches. Headed home with the Sunday paper, made breakfast (toasted bagel with veggie lite and slices of tomato, oh so good) and read the paper. So far nothing comes close to selfless work. The rest of the day was filled with errands, food shopping, cleaning, and work.

I guess the selfless work I did was I made lemon-lime-ade for the wife but it turned out too sour. Tip, don't add too much lime juice, it boosts up the tartness. But that work didn't really enable anything.